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Leadership Challenges: Staying Above the Fray

One leadership expert stated that in leadership, friends come and go but enemies accrue. While tension and conflict are inevitable in any relationship, they are guaranteed to be more frequent and…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/leadership-challenges-staying-above-fray

Leading Gender and Generational Differences

This panel explores the myths and facts about gender and generational differences in the work environment. Presenters will highlight unique leadership challenges and opportunities associated with…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/leading-gender-and-generational-differences

Never Check E-Mail in the Morning and Other Tactics to Increase Productivity

This seminar highlights best practices to take control over unnecessarily long meetings, endless interruptions, e-mails, office politics, and insensitive colleagues. Participants will learn to be…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/never-check-e-mail-morning-and-other-tactics-to-increase-productivity

Four Essential Leadership Quotients

Join us for an evening panel, in which attendees will learn about four leadership quotients: leadership intelligence, emotional intelligence, social and political intelligence, and virtue and ethical…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/four-essential-leadership-quotients

The Politics of Leading

Great ideas and initiatives are not sufficient to make great things happen. Office, local, regional, national, and/or international politics can derail the best of plans. This seminar highlights the…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/politics-leading

Creative and Innovative Leadership

Creative Leaders are needed if we are to develop unique solutions to chronic problems. This seminar provides insights on how to be the creative and innovative leaders people need and want. Our guest…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/creative-and-innovative-leadership

Ethical Principles for Leaders: Navigating Wicked Problems

Making ethical decisions when the issues are black and white is easy. Making ethical decisions when the issues are “gray” (when alternative and equally moral solutions exist), otherwise known as…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/ethical-principles-leaders-navigating-wicked-problems

Leadership Panel

Hear important perspectives and advice for leadership from seasoned leaders. The panel of speakers will provide insights and encouragement for successful leadership.

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/leadership-panel

Leading Behind the Scenes

The myth of leadership, lack of a formal leadership title, or just plain bad bosses often precludes people from taking on formal leadership roles and responsibilities. The case is made that ordinary…

https://www.calbaptist.edu /explore-cbu/news-events/event/leading-behind-scenes